Kentucky's Part in a National Emergency Drill

Oct 10, 2011


Kentucky, along with all other states in the U.S., will participate in a national emergency alert system test a month from now.  The presidentially directed emergency alert system drill is set for the afternoon of November ninth.  Buddy Rogers, with Kentucky Emergency Management, says the call will go out to broadcasters all across the commonwealth.

“Basically to exercise, in the event of a national threat, say a terroristic threat, that would encompass the entire nation.  It’s important to us locally in the state of Kentucky and in our local communities…it’s also an opportunity that we test our local systems,” said Rogers.

The drill is partly aimed at improving national security.  But, Buddy Rogers with Kentucky Emergency Management says there are other threats looming every day.

“Kentucky is at risk every day from things such as tornadoes, severe weather, hazardous spills…things like that..things of that nature…so, not only are we at risk for terrorists but the general all hazardous itself,”  added Rogers.

Some broadcasters are expected to check out new digital equipment during the national test.

"So, it’s an opportunity for those stations who have upgraded, to test the capacity and the resilience of those digital and there will be a further test in the future once all the stations have converted over to digital to test all the digital equipment, but this is an opportunity to test that new equipment as well,” explained Rogers.

A national test to assess digital technology is expected later in 2012.