Kentucky's Harsh Winter Causes Longer Wait for Harvest

May 12, 2014


Central Kentuckians may be hankering for local produce, but the wait may be a little longer this spring.  A rather strong winter in many parts of Kentucky put a delay on plantings and the growing season.  

Karen Rassmussen with Bluegrass Farmers Market says Kentucky is about two to three weeks behind the typical harvest period.  "Normally by the this time, we've got strawberries and asparagus galore.  Strawberries are very slow, the asparagus is iffy.  We got a beautiful crop of asparagus and then we got a cold frost and that hurt it.  You just can't cover up an asparagus patch," said Rassmussen.

Rassmussen says the non-profit Bluegrass Farmers Market features one hundred percent homegrown produce from 26 farmers.   "People are really becoming very responsive to what they're putting in their stomachs," said Rassmussen.  "When you go to a grocery store, you really don't know what you're getting, in that most people don't pay attention to labels.  And if you are buying produce, there really are no labels on them."

Rassmussen says all the items at the Bluegrass Farmers Market are grown, raised, baked, or made locally.