Kentucky's Electric Utilities Recruiting Veterans

May 9, 2014


Kentucky's most prominent electrical utility is putting out a call for workers with military experience.  

From 2012 to 2013, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities more than doubled its hiring from among reservists and veterans.  K-U Spokesman Cliff Feltham says many traits found in service men and women fit well with the utility.  "Team work and discipline and being able to stay on task and knowing what each other's role is in a given situation.  Those kinds of things are transferable and so, really the military veteran puts him or herself in a good position because of the background that they've had," said Feltham.

Feltham says L-G and E and KU are losing several employees to retirement.  Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities employ about three thousand people statewide. Feltham says the power firms will be building new and modifying.  "We're gonna be doing a lot of construction work, simply because we have continuing construction phases going on to accommodate the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency to stay up with those and whatever changes there might be with those," explained Feltham.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources Paula Pottinger says the utility firm is in the largest construction phase in its history, investing more than six billion dollars in capital improvements.