Kentucky's Ballot Question on Hunting and Fishing

Nov 5, 2012

A Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing a Kentuckian’s right to hunt and fish is on tomorrow’s ballot.  It has not gotten much attention this election season.   Pike County Representative Leslie Combs says the amendment is intended to preserve hunting and fishing rights, while also protecting the state’s wildlife populations.   Combs, along with House Speaker Greg Stumbo, is a key sponsor of the legislation

“This isn’t quote, ‘ A big gun bill.’  But, it is intended to protect the way people hunt wildlife today and that they can always be allowed to do that,” said Combs.

Proponents say the constitutional amendment also gives the state’s fish and wildlife officials all the powers they need to preserve the resource.  Pike County Representative Leslie Combs, who sponsored the measure, worries voters could misinterpret the amendment.

“When they read the proposed amendment, I mean it’s laid out exactly what we intend to do, they’re scared to death in means the opposite.  Sometimes amendments are worded a little difficult and people are not exactly sure what a yes or no vote means,” added Combs.

Combs says hunting and fishing in Kentucky puts billions of dollars into the local and state economies.  She expects the amendment to easily pass Tuesday.