Kentucky Tobacco Research Continues to Focus on Reference Cigarette

Jun 2, 2014


Investigators with the Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center continue their work with a reference cigarette.  Center Director Dr. Orlando Chambers says the standard lab cigarette can lead to changes in the makeup of tobacco products.  Chambers says there's a list of 93 potentially harmful constituents in tobacco products.  "Over time regulation would require that those be lowered or they could set some levels for certain compounds. Then it allows a standard set number than could be compared to over time," said Chambers.

Chambers says the budget approved by the Kentucky Tobacco Research Board continues to focus on tobacco.  He says the center is also participating in the current pilot project on hemp production.  "Our board voted to provide a small pilot funding to help fund the research that's in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and so this is certainly a collaborative effort and we're participating.  But, we're part of a larger group that's doing that," added Chambers.

The Kentucky Tobacco Research Board met Monday afternoon to adopt a new budget for the upcoming year.  Chambers says the one half cent portion of the state's cigarette tax will generate just over two million dollars for research. ​