Kentucky Special Olympics Celebrates 20 Years in Richmond

Jun 6, 2014


Kentucky's special Olympians are arriving in Richmond this afternoon for the 20th time.  EKU and the Richmond community will play host to 13 hundred athletes this weekend. 

Kentucky Special Olympics President Trish Mazzoni says there is also an emphasis this year on the national competition. "There are national games for Special Olympics and actually this happens to be one of those years.  So we have these games, next week we take a team of 55 athletes and coaches to New Jersey to part in the 2014 U.S.A games," said Mazzoni.

Special Olympians this weekend in Richmond will compete in track and field, Bocce, gymnastics, flag football and swimming.  New to the games this year is the young athletes event.  "We've got what we call our young athletes and those are our two to seven year olds.  So, early tomorrow morning on the track you'll have an opportunity to see them do the 15 meter run.  It will be great and it's there introduction to Special Olympics," added Mazzoni.

The Kentucky Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies are set for tonight in the EKU ravine on the Richmond campus. ​