Kentucky Rushes Aid to Midwest States

Jul 14, 2011

FRANKFORT – At Gov. Steve Beshear’s direction, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has taken action to speed the emergency response to neighboring states hit with widespread electrical outages earlier this week. Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock signed an official order to waive special registration and permit requirements for utility repair vehicles headed to stricken areas.

Under the order, the response vehicles do not have to stop at weigh stations or obtain overweight/overdimensional permits. The order also exempts vehicle operators from limits on hours of service.

“Having responded to a series of weather disasters as governor, I know that quick and decisive action is absolutely critical to recovery efforts,” Beshear said. “We do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to our fellow citizens in other states when we are asked to do so.”

Severe storms moved through the Chicago area on Monday, knocking out power to more than 800,000 homes.