Kentucky Revenues Up

Oct 10, 2011


 Kentucky's September General Fund tax receipts rose by 10 percent compared to year ago figures. For the first quarter of fiscal year 2011, General Fund receipts are up nearly 5 percent.  August figures were down sharply but enjoyed a healthy rebound in September, according to state Budget Director Mary Lassiter.

September's 10 percent increase was inconsistent with a report from the Consensus Forecasting Group but Lassiter said several surrounding states observed the same type of upswing in September's tax receipts. Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas all enjoyed significant tax revenue growth during the same three-month period.

"While we may see increased volatility in the upcoming months, Kentucky’s revenue base is holding up well through the first quarter of our fiscal year,” Lassiter said.

Based on September’s results, General Fund revenues must increase 0.2 percent for the remainder of the fiscal year to meet the official estimate.

Among the major accounts:

● Individual income tax receipts increased 5.3 percent due primarily to strength in withholding receipts. Year-to-date collections are up 4.8 percent.
● Sales tax revenues grew 13.5 percent in September and have increased 7.1 percent for the year.
● Corporation income tax receipts increased 27.0 percent and have grown 31.8 percent in the first three months of the year. September is a declaration month for calendar year filers, so the steady growth signals that Kentucky businesses are remaining profitable through tough economic times.
● Cigarette tax collections rose 8.4 percent but have declined 3.6 percent for the first three
months of the fiscal year.
● Property tax receipts grew 28.1 percent in September and are down 26.3 percent for the year. Volatility in the fall months is customary.
● Coal severance taxes grew 12.3 percent. Receipts year-to-date are up 10.1 percent.
● Lottery revenues were unchanged at $16.0 million. For the first quarter, collections are up 2.2 percent.

Road Fund receipts grew 5.9 percent in September with revenues of $115.3 million.

September marks the 15th consecutive month in which Road Fund receipts have increased. The official Road Fund revenue estimate calls for a 0.2 percent increase in receipts for the entire fiscal year (FY12). Based on year-to-date collections, revenues can fall 1.4 percent for the remainder of the fiscal year and still meet the estimate.