Kentucky Prosecutors Gather in Lexington for Annual Meeting

Aug 20, 2014

Credit Stu Johnson / Weku News


Hundreds of county and state prosecutors are meeting in Lexington this week to discuss issues ranging from human trafficking to jury selection to search and seizure procedures.

Metcalfe County Attorney Barry Gilley says he's been practicing some form of law for 37 years.  During his time in the legal profession, Gilley says he's also represented offenders.  He says a lack of patience makes his job tougher today.  "It makes practicing law a lot more difficult, cause you're dealing with people who are on an emotional ride one way or the other anyway and then they have less patience and they're not taught patience anymore.  You know we as a society don't teach patience," said Gilley.

Not far to the west of Metcalfe County is Christian County.  Tonya Fleming just began a new job there in the county attorney's office.  Fleming says her job focuses solely on domestic violence issues.  She says her position is an indication of how far reaching the impact of domestic violence is in her area.  "The biggest issue that I think we have in domestic violence is victims not realizing they are victims.  It's the cycle of abuse and they keep going back to it.  My biggest goal is to try to educate people and to know they can do better for themselves and they don't have to be in that environment," said Fleming.

Thursday's agenda includes a meeting of the Legislative Interim Committee on Judiciary.​