Kentucky Meat Shower on America's Test Kitchen plus Fund Drive Comments

Nov 2, 2015

First up, thanks to Facebook fan Mick Jeffries of Lexington who posted, “Don't miss Lexington's own Kurt Gohde talking about the Kentucky Meat Shower on America's Test Kitchen on 88.9 WEKU between 11-noon!” 

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For those who missed it, we’ve posted a link to this week’s America’s Test Kitchen within our web post of this week’s Feedback at WEKU dot FM.

Also on Facebook, Kevin Fields posted a comment about one of KET’s candidate debates within Kentucky Tonight, which we air on Tuesdays.  This creates a perfect opportunity for me to remind you that we’ll be re-broadcasting last week’s televised debate featuring gubernatorial candidates at the EKU Center for the Arts.  You can hear that re-broadcast tonight at 8:00.

From the recent fund drive. Virginia from Frankfort wrote that she is “impressed with collaboration with other NPR stations in KY - and collaboration with KET.”

Susan from Lexington says, “On Being normally runs at 10am, and I love it but I always miss it when I'm at church. Classical music on the weekends would be nice.”

Deborah from Lexington tells us she loves “Ask Me Another.”

Laura from Williamsburg pointed out that there are inaccuracies in our posted online schedule.  We’ll take a look at that today and see what’s going on there.

And finally, Carol, from Lexington, speaking no doubt for many others, said she “Will be so glad when this fund raiser is over”

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