Kentucky Manufacturers Participate in First Innovation Conference

Oct 26, 2014


High tech computers and machinery are a part of today's advanced manufacturing environment.  With that, comes the use of robotics to assist in making precision products.   David Chavern, President of the U.S. Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation, offered the keynote last week during the first Kentucky Manufacturing Innovation Conference in Lexington.  Chavern says the addition of robotics doesn't necessarily mean a reduction in workers.  "It does replace the job of somebody screwing in a screw, but it creates the job of somebody managing the robot.  It's a different kind of job, more interesting job actually.  So, we do have a challenge in the jobs changing but it's still all of these productivity games are ultimately gonna help employment and prosperity," said Chavern.

Chavern believes Lexington and Louisville are on the right page joining together in their efforts to attract advanced manufacturing to the region.  "It's not just a singular place or singular sister city.  It's a whole ecosystem involving universities, local governments, businesses, a variety of different industries in a region that can help propel things forward," added Chavern.

Chavern says today's manufacturing world is less dirty, dark, and dangerous, but rather more high tech and complex.​