Kentucky Lawmakers Push for More Cuts in Debt

Some of the Commonwealth’s lawmakers are pressuring members of the so-called “super committee” to exceed their goal and cut more than one point two trillion dollars in debt.  However, as its deadline nears, the special panel remains gridlocked. The clock is ticking on Capitol Hill. The deadline for the super committee is less than a week away, but as of now the two sides remain far apart. Kentucky Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield says this is a time for Congress to make hard decisions and set aside party loyalty.

“I think the American people want us to work together. They want us to try to reach a solution and they definitely want us to stop some of the spending and certainly to reduce our debt. So I think we have to look at both sides of the equation – the spending side and the revenue side.”

If the “super committee” fails to reach a bipartisan agreement by next Wednesday, deep spending cuts are supposed to slice deeply into the federal budget. Some lawmakers want to scrap that agreement, protecting the Pentagon’s budget and other favored programs. Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul says it’s wrongheaded for his colleagues to seek an escape from deep spending cuts.

“We do need cuts. I don’t think they’ve promised enough cuts. But we certainly need at least $1.2 trillion, many people have been saying $4 trillion is a minimum.”

Kentucky’s Hal Rogers is the top Republican on the House spending committee. He hopes the super committee succeeds and adds it’s premature to discuss what will happen if it fails.

“Oh, we’ll cross these bridges when we come to them.”

As of now the super committee can’t even agree on how to cut a trillion dollars from the debt, which analysts say explains a congressional approval rating that sits in the single digits.