Kentucky Lawmakers to Consider Changes to City Classification System

Dec 23, 2013


The state’s classification of its cities could be significantly modified under legislation being promoted by the Kentucky League of Cities.  Currently there are six different classes...all based on a city's population.  League of Cities Director Jonathan Steiner says the proposal cuts the number of classifications in half.

  “The class two cities are your Paducah’s, your Richmond’s, that size.  And those are city manager form of governments they would be there own form.  You’ve got the larger cities like Louisville and Lexington that are sort of on their own, that merged county government.  And then the rest of the cities in Kentucky would fall into the third,” said Steiner.   The league would like the legislature to address some other issues related to classification.  But, they would make the proposed legislation difficult to pass this session.     “There are a number of issues we’d have to tackle later on, for example, restaurant taxes, alcohol issues that right now would make the bill too cumbersome, probably make it difficult to pass.  So, we thought the best first step would be, get this cleaned up, get everyone on board and get this new system established, and then move forward and work on some of the other issues,” added Steiner.   The 2014 Kentucky General Assembly session begins on January seventh.