Kentucky Horse Park Listed Among Top "25 Amusement Parks"

Sep 9, 2013

The first-ever list of the nation’s top 25 amusement attractions by a well-know travel web site includes the Kentucky Horse Park.  The facility dedicated to equestrian sports is on a list generated by  The park’s director of marketing, Lisa Jackson says the website includes reviews from average travelers.

Credit Russ Glasson / Flickr, Creative Commons

“Word of mouth advertising is so important, especially these days where everybody is very social and sharing things on social media and they’re doing their planning by using the internet and doing that sort of research,” said Jackson.

Jackson says horse park reviews posted by travelers on the website are extremely valuable.

“We don’t have nearly the advertising budget of the reach that the big guys on the list, the Disneys, the Universal Studios, and the Sea Worlds have that are on the list.  So, it really is an affirmation that horses make a difference and people love horses and they make a difference in their lives,” explained Jackson.

For several years, Lisa Jackson says annual park attendance has held steady at about 800-thousand people.