Kentucky A-G Wants Funding Restored

Feb 1, 2012

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway would like see lawmakers increase funding for his agency by about four million dollars more than what’s recommended by the governor.  The A-G appeared before the House Budget Subcommittee Tuesday.  Conway asked members of the legislative panel to consider restoring funding to the 14 million dollars allocated in 2008.  If the governor’s plan is passed, Conway says layoffs are possible.

“This budget pre-supposes that all that money that we brought in we spend to keep personnel and that we make more money than we ever have in the history of the attorney general and even with that we may not be able to avoid layoffs,” said Conway.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of child pornography images have been taken off the internet, thanks to the work of those in Kentucky’s Attorney General’s office.  That’s according to Jack Conway who told panel members attorneys in his office can use technology to intervene.

“And we can go on line and see who’s trading what and we’re seeing people who are trading  over a  thousand images that we know is likely child porn on line and we’re only going after the biggest cases because that’s really all we have the manpower to do but that’s where we can do the most good.” added Conway.

Conway told lawmakers his agency  has endured  higher cuts than some other public safety entities.  He’s asking that funding be restored to 2008 levels.  That would amount to four million dollars more than what’s outlined in the governor’s budget plan.