Kentucky Delegates in Charlotte

Sep 5, 2012

Kentucky delegates at the Democratic National Convention may differ a little ideologically with their party but they're still proud to be Democrats. Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Charlotte.   The Massachusetts and Oregon delegations are seated directly in front of Kentucky's delegation. For the most part the groups couldn't be more different on economic issues, but Daniel Logsdon - the chairman of Kentucky’s Democratic Party - says that's okay.

“Our inclusion in this event, the reason we want to be here speaks to everything that’s great about the Democratic Party. It’s very diverse. We have very conservative Democrats in Kentucky, but they still identify with Democrats. They vote that way in state legislative elections. You saw it last year – they voted for Governor Beshear in droves. Then you have very liberal members of our party, but we understand it’s a big tent,” said Logsdon.

One Kentucky Democrat who isn’t in Charlotte this week is incumbent Congressman Ben Chandler. Critics say he and other Democrats who are skipping the convention don’t want to be associated with President Obama. Kentucky delegate David O’Neill says Chandler’s in a tight race and made the right decision.

“I think that Ben is working very hard on his reelection and instead of spending a week in Charlotte, he’s spending it in Kentucky shaking hands and asking for votes and doing what he needs to do,” said O’Neil.

Kentucky delegates will fill their day with politicking before they come back to the convention hall for tonight's address by former president Bill Clinton.