Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Janet Stumbo Retires This Week

Dec 28, 2017


Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Janet Stumbo retires the end of this week after 26 years of service to the state’s two appellate courts. The Floyd County native says the makeup of those courts changed significantly over the last two decades.

Judge Stumbo served two times on the Kentucky Court of Appeals with time on the State Supreme Court in-between.  Stumbo says female representation on the court of appeals grew from two to six over 13 years.  She says she’s seen different background diversify on the court.  Stumbo cited Justice Michelle Keller, who now serves on the Kentucky Supreme Court.  “She was an ICU nurse before she went to law school and that brings a different perspective and a different point of view to things like medical malpractice cases,” said Stumbo.

Judge Stumbo headed a pilot program in the late 1990’s to create Kentucky’s family courts.  She says there’s an ongoing need for more resources to adequately pay judicial staff.