Kentucky Bach Choir Performs PDQ Bach

Mar 7, 2014

In its commitment to performing the works of J.S. Bach, the Kentucky Bach Choir is striving to be a little less formal and straight-laced.  The Choir will show its lighter side in Friday night's concert in Lexington. 

Marlon Hurst is Artistic Director of the Kentucky Bach Choir

Music historians tell us that Johann Sebastian Bach had some 20 children. One child that history does not recognize is PDQ Bach, probably because he was created in 1965 by musicologist and composer Peter Shickele.

It is the works of this illegitimate, if you will, child of J.S. Bach that allow the Kentucky Bach Choir to present an evening of light-hearted music, mostly of Bach.

While trying to find lighter fare for the group  Choir Director Marlon Hurst ran across the Blaus Grass Cantata, the Bluegrass Cantata of PDQ Bach.  

In addition to playing loose and fast with German translations in the Bluegrass Cantata, the choir will perform a second work of Professor Schikele, the Knock Knock Cantata.

While it may all sound like vaudeville entertainment, Hurst contends that the music has a wit about it that reflects the knowledge and talent of a true composer.

In addition to the works of PDQ Bach, the Kentucky Bach Choir also performs a genuine secular work of J.S. Bach, his Coffee Cantata and jazz arrangments of Bach melodies made popular in the 60s and 70s by the Swingle Singers tonight in Lexington.