Kentuckians "Dump the Pump"

Jun 16, 2011

Many Americans Thursday left their car keys, and their cars, at home and took advantage of public transportation. It’s national “Dump the Pump Day.” Its purpose is to show commuters there are alternatives to driving and high gas prices.  Melissa Gross with Richmond Transit says ridership on the four year-old bus system continues to pick up.

“Seen an increase each year for ridership, somewhere between 7 and 10 percent increase,” reported Gross.    

Richmond Transit operates regular bus routes in Richmond, Berea and Winchester. The system provides other types of bus service in Estill and Powell counties. Five buses travel a regular loop in Richmond, Berea and Winchester.  Gross says one bus route is becoming popular.

“Runs from Winchester to several major employer hubs. For a very low fee, 40 dollars a month, you can secure that kind of route every morning and every afternoon to return. So that’s where major dollars are spent and we hope there’s some major savings for people who have to travel to a different county for work,” said Gross.

An affiliated non-profit service, the Foothills Express, also provides low-cost bus service in central Kentucky.