Jr. League Horse Show Celebrates 75 Years

Jul 11, 2011

Thousands of Saddle-bred Horse Enthusiasts are at the Red Mile in Lexington this week for the 75th Annual Junior League Horse Show. Alice Dearborn is serving as this year's event chairwoman: "We are the largest outdoor saddle-bred horse show in the world. What makes us so unique is that a group of women who don't really know a lot about horses put on this world class event."

Dearborn says the American Saddle-bred is a horse whose roots run deep in the Bluegrass.

"The saddle-bred is a breed actually originated here in Kentucky. It was originally called the Kentucky Saddler. If you are ever down at the old courthouse, that statue of John Hunt Morgan? The horse he is sitting on is a saddle-bred."

Proceeds from the Junior League Horse Show benefit a number of Central Kentucky charities. Opening night gets under way Monday at 7 p.m.