Joplin's Unaccounted For Number Narrows To 156

May 27, 2011

There are 156 people still unaccounted for following Sunday's devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo., state officials just reported.

That's down from 232 on Thursday.

Officials report that in the past 24 hours, 90 people reported they're OK or were located, and 6 people from the "unaccounted for" list were confirmed to have been killed.

It appears, though, that in issuing the updated list today authorities also expanded it to 252 — that's the total of those still unaccounted for, plus those who have been found, plus the six now confirmed to have died.

So, while 30 more names were added to the whole list, the good news is that 90 people have been located and are OK.

The official death toll from the Joplin tornado now stands at 132.

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