John Edwards Indicted On Charges Related To Money Given To Mistress

Jun 3, 2011

John Edwards, who was the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004 and a leading contender for the party's presidential nomination in 2008, was indicted by a grand jury in North Carolina today on charges connected to money given to his mistress that came from two of Edwards' political supporters.

As The Associated Press, which broke the news of the indictment, writes:

Prosecutors have decided "that the hundreds of thousands of dollars two Edwards donors gave to help keep his mistress in hiding were contributions that should have been reported publicly by his campaign fund because they aided his bid for the Democratic White House nomination. Edwards' lawyers have argued that the funds were gifts from friends intended to keep the affair a secret from his wife, Elizabeth, who died of cancer in December."

NPR has also confirmed the news and that Edwards is to be arraigned later today. And The Raleigh News Observer has posted the indictment here.

There's an analysis of whether Edwards broke the law or not over at The bottomline: "Veteran prosecutors and campaign-finance experts say the answer is not clear-cut."

Update at 10:35 a.m. ET: As NPR's Carrie Johnson reports, there are six counts in the indictment — one alleging conspiracy, four alleging illegal campaign contributions and one alleging false statements.

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