It's Official: Ron Paul Is Running For President

May 13, 2011
Originally published on August 24, 2011 10:52 am

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) declared his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination today on ABC's Good Morning America, telling host George Stephanopoulos his views are increasingly popular.

Paul immediately laid out some of those conservative views. He's glad Osama bin Laden was gone but hated the U.S. lightning raid into Pakistan - because the U.S. should have gotten him earlier in Afghanistan. He doesn't believe taxpayers should foot the bill for government agencies such as FEMA, even if Americans need help when the Mississippi River floods - he says people need to buy private insurance:

He says he's running as a Republican, not an independent because only wealthy candidates can afford to campaign outside the two-party system, but declared his support of the GOP.

AP says Paul's political reputation is changing from 'Dr. No' to that of a tea party godfather, given his long-time work to slash federal spending and suspicion of governmental intrusion.

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