Isaac's Timing

Aug 29, 2012

As Hurricane Isaac spins into southern states, emergency officials to the north are making preparations.  Buddy Rogers, who’s with Kentucky Emergency Management, says they’re not expecting high winds or heavy rains.  “We don’t foresee Kentucky being impacted by this hurricane.  Hopefully, it’s gonna’ bring much needed rain to the far western part of the state.  But, we don’t see any type of hazardous risk developing in Kentucky,” said Rogers.

Although authorities in Kentucky don’t expect big hurricane-related problems in the Commonwealth, they’re also advising residents to be prepared.  Buddy Rogers, with Kentucky Emergency Management, says it goes beyond batteries, flashlights, and blankets.

“Maybe even some extra copies of your insurance papers and homeowners insurance and vehicular insurance.  We also tell people part of that plan should include a contact list emergency utilities for your area, relatives,” added Rogers.

Issac’s arrival coincides with national and state proclamations naming September as Preparedness Month.