Investigation Launched into EKU Hazing Allegation

Oct 24, 2012

Eastern Kentucky University officials are looking into an allegation of hazing.  The claim was filed against the men’s Rugby Club.  E-K-U Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Reagle says officials are still trying to determine what happened.  “We have an allegation.  That is correct.  We don’t know what has happened until we talk to students who happened to be there.  But, there is an allegation that someone has made and that’s what we’re investigating at this point.” Said Reagle.

As a result of the allegation, the Rugby Club faces an interim suspension.  Reagle anticipates Eastern’s Hazing Committee to determine the course of the investigation this week.  The committee, comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives, would likely interview students next week.

“At that point it’s kind of open ended as to how long it takes simply because depending on what those students tell them how many other students they’ll need to follow up with to see what those students know, so it’s always kind of an open ended process until they feel they have gotten all the way to the bottom or the way to the truth so they can make a decision,” added Reagle.

Mike Reagle says an investigation will determine the exact nature of the incident.  He says it wouldn’t be accurate to say ‘hazing’ of one form or another is a part of the campus climate.

“I don’t know that I would say that it exist all the time.  It shouldn’t exist.  I mean, the whole idea of hazing is that it shouldn’t exist.  That’s why our hazing policy was written to clarify some of those things.  The reason our hazing committee was put together was to investigate those sorts of things so that we could determine whether or not it was occurring when we got allegations,” said Reagle.

According to Reagle, if sanctions are imposed, they can run from loss of privileges to a full blown suspension.