Internet Related I-D Theft Prevention

Aug 20, 2012

Identity theft can be a close as a click away.  More identities are being stolen via the internet and not necessary in a dumpster.  Brandon Potter is a financial advisor with Wells Fargo.  Before providing personal information via the internet, Potter advises, to make a phone call first.  “Whenever you get any type of email that tells you to verify your information, even if it’s coming from your financial firm, attorney’s office, accountant’s office, or have you not.  Make sure you definitely give a call before you do any type of verifying over the internet,” said Potter.

Likewise a phone call is often necessary between bank employee and bank customer.

“You just need to make sure that whenever you are taking direction from people, that you hear from them and get confirmation from them.  But, it can create a lot of difficulty sometimes when people are out of town or what not,” added Potter.

Potter says an increasing number of firm have gone paperless.  Still, he says people who choose to use paper checks should ensure they’re securely stored.  For example, Potter says checkbooks shouldn’t be left in cars.