International Book Project to Send E-Readers to South Africa

Jun 8, 2014


    The Lexington-based International Book Project is initiating an electronic reader program in South Africa. 

75 e-readers are scheduled to be shipped overseas later this summer.  International Book Project Director Kristen Svarczkopf says each electronic instrument will feature several books with mostly African publishers.  "So, this is a way that we could get books to people we haven't been able to before in really rural areas like the small shipment method does, but at a lower cost and has the added benefit of introducing them to technology," said Svarczkopf.

Svarczkopf says middle school students will receive the e-readers.  She says teachers with training in the technology will mentor the students.  She says shipping costs can be cut by 60 percent with the electronic readers. "And every Kindle will come down loaded with a hundred books each.  They come with solar chargers, hard cases, and all the accessories that you need to make the devises work, so they really don't even have to have constant access to electricity to use them," added Svarczkopf.

If deemed a success, the International Book Project Director sees the program expanding to areas like eastern Europe and eastern Asia.​