Instant Racing Proposals Surprise Family Foundation

Apr 3, 2014

Family Foundation of Kentucky Director Kent Ostrander

The director of the Family Foundation says he's surprised at Keeneland and the Red Mile's decision to move forward with instant racing, since the matter remains in the courts.  

Kent Ostrander says his organization questions whether this form of electronic video gambling should be consider para mutual wagering.  He also believes policy makers today can still learn from decisions make in the late 1800s when most all states banned gambling.  "So this is not the family foundation trying to be prudish with people.  It's basically what American government, American culture has learned and now we've all forgotten that there are serious complications to expanded gambling of this sort and many people will be badly hurt," said Ostrander.

    Ostrander says that damage often comes in the form of financial strain which hurts families.  The director of the Family Foundation of Kentucky sees the just announced instant racing projects as one step in the expanded gambling campaign.   "They're looking for slot machines now in the form of instant racing machines and over time they'll raise some revenue for them as they desire, but we have no doubt at some point they'll say well how about some table games," said Ostrander.  "What this does is keep a slow growth of casinos in Kentucky, but it keeps them entirely in the hands of the race tracks."       By the time all appeals are heard, Ostrander believes a final ruling could be three years away.