Increasing Ambulance Runs in Lexington

Feb 27, 2012

Lexington Emergency Medical Services crews are making more runs throughout the central Kentucky community.  Emergency Care ambulances made more than 30 thousand trips in 2007.  Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says that figure grew to more than 35 thousand in 20-11.  “We just keep having the same number of E-C units..and eventually we are going to have a crisis,” said Gorton.

Gorton’s concerned because the city hasn’t added any emergency care units in some time.  Fire Chief Keith Jackson agrees, it is a pressing issue.

“And this there we’re on a scale to have 36 thousand e-m-s runs..and the amount of stress that it is putting on the actual equipment and not only the equipment but the personnel,” added Jackson.

Jackson says Lexington’s population is growing and aging.  He says there have been additional nursing homes built, which means additional ambulance runs to those facilities.