Improving Service for KU, LGE Customers

Nov 10, 2011

Improvements in service are planned for Kentucky Utility and Louisville Gas and Electric customers.  The Kentucky Public Service Commission plan hopes will address numerous customer complaints.  An independent audit found numerous faults with the utilities, ranging from mistaken meter reading to unresponsive call center.  Commission spokesman Andrew Melnykovych predicts KU and LGE customers will notice an improvement.

“It’s principally going to benefit those customers who have an occasion to interact with the utility with respect to billing issues and those sorts of things but should be an overall improvement for all customers, yes,” said Melnykovich.

Some of the recommendations are already in place. Melnykovch says some customers will notice the difference more than others.

“And those customers who have little call to contact the utility about billing or other issues are probably not going to see much difference because most of the  issues that arose were with respect to things such as call center operations and billing practices, things of that nature,” said Melnykovich.    

The PSC recommendations include better staffing of call centers and improved customer service at every management level. KU has more than a half million customers in 77 Kentucky counties.