Immigration Before the State Council of Churches

Oct 24, 2011

Immigration is the focal point of this week’s 64th annual assembly of the Kentucky Council of Churches.   Delegates gather Thursday and Friday in Georgetown.  Council Executive Director Marian Taylor says the organization, comprised of 12 distinct Christian traditions, has already adopted a statement on immigration.  She says it calls for a path to legalization for people who already live in this country.  “It lays out the value of family re-unification….that we need to do more to be humane to people who are separated from families….we have talked about the need for a solution that is fair to all workers including those who are already here and are not immigrants,” said Taylor.

During their meeting in Georgetown, delegates will consider a policy condemning ‘racism.’ Executive director Marian Taylor hopes some of what’s discussed spur action within individual congregations.

“As people go back into their denominational setting and their congregational setting, we’re hoping that this event will inspire them to create new services or improve services they already provide to immigrants and we could celebrate that next year,” added Taylor.

The  convention is Thursday and Friday at the Faith Baptist Church in Georgetown.  It’s open to the public.