If It's Friday, It's Sarah Palin-Emails Data Dump Day

Jun 10, 2011

The state of Alaska is scheduled to make publicly available Friday more than 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's time as governor, the result of public-records requests by news organizations.

As the New York Times' William Yardley and Tim Rutenberg reported, no one is quite certain what the emails will reveal. But since they involve Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee who has been keeping nearly everyone guessing about her 2012 White House plans, if any, interest is high in the documents.

Media organizations from the lower 48 have once again descended on the good people of Alaska to scour the emails, which are in paper form, scan them and upload them to the Internet.

Like many, we will be eager, more or less, to glean any interesting nuggets from them. So while NPR won't have our own personal copies of them, we will link to other news organizations once the documents start coming online.

We can all crowd source them. If you see anything juicy, please share with the class.

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