Identity Theft Prevention in Shreds

Aug 18, 2011

Hoping to fight identity theft, an organization known for its anti-scam advice offers consumers a counter-measure

The Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky is coordinating a free document shredding event Saturday at Lowes in Lexington’s Hamburg Pavilion.  Spokeswoman Heather Clary says there’s no need to remove staples, clips, or rubber bands from the documents.

  When identity thieves are on the prowl, Clary says there are warning signs.

“If you start getting a lot of phone calls from debt collectors and debts you do not recognize, that could be a possible sign that someone is using your identity,” said Clary.

Information often found on financial documents, such as a social security number or a date of birth, is all a criminal needs to steal an identity.  Clary says people still accumulate too many sensitive documents.

"Because a lot of people have a lot of stuff pile up in their house….old bank stubs, bank statements…credit card statements….people who haven’t taken advantage of the internet and are not doing things paperless like many folks are are still accumulating piles of statements from insurance companies, credit cards, banks…any body you do business with,” added Clary.

Lexington police say hundreds of identity thefts are reported each year…making the division’s financial crimes section one of the force’s busiest.

The shred day program runs from ten a-m until one o-clock Saturday at the Lowes store in Hamburg.