Ideas to Sift Through

Aug 6, 2012

More than 400 ideas on ways to improve Lexington have been submitted by its residents.  The suggestions, which are being gathered this month, are part of a competition sponsored by the Bloomberg Foundation.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says these ideas must now be categorized.  “Shrink all the suggestions into themes and we’re seeing themes emerge that relate to education, quality of life,” said Gray.

The foundation is offering millions of dollars in prize money for innovative ideas which can prove useful in other communities.  Mayor Jim Gray believes Lexington will benefit, even if it doesn’t secure prize money.

“A lot of the ideas, I suspect, we can work toward implementing and engaging whether we win something or not.  That’s the real value in this,” added Gray. 

While many high profile projects have a high price tag, Gray says that shouldn’t be the driving factor.

“Sometimes, I think we stop.  And we discourage ourselves from actually engaging because we think we’ll never be able to get the funding or the money for it,” explained Gray.

All entries must be in to the Bloomberg Foundation by mid September.  The evaluation team in Lexington includes former state auditor Crit Luallen and business leader Jim Host.