Icy and Dangerous Cold Invades Kentucky

Jan 6, 2014

Credit cnn.com

Bitter cold temperatures present dangerous and life threatening conditions outside today.  John Jacobson with the Jackson national weather service office says some roadways, particularly in rural areas of the state, could still be iced over.

"But, the biggest threat out there today and what’s going on now is kind of like a flash freeze.  We’ve got all that rain that came down last night, out ahead of that front and so everything is just freezing very quickly and so any untreated road is gonna be very, very treacherous” said Jacobson.

.  State police report many roads are passable.  Salt trucks are out on many roadways, but residents are advised to stay in if at all possible.  In Lexington there are emergency 24 hour shelters at the Hope Center, Salvation Army, Arbor Youth Services Drop Inn Center, and Catholic Action Center.  Daytime warming centers are also open at the Dunbar Recreation Center, New Life Day Center, and Senior Citizens Center.

It's the strongest cold snap in close to 20 years could stress water pipes in buildings all across the Commonwealth the next day or so.   Jacobson  says sub zero temperatures are expected by Tuesday morning.

“A lot of people have put in homes and trailers and things like that that haven’t really been tested with severe cold like this and so there’s gonna be great risk for pipes that burst and things like that where people are not gonna even have an idea that they are even vulnerable,” added Jacobson.

The best prevention technique is to leave a low steady trickle of water running in the house.  Jacobson says going outside can be dangerous, adding ‘it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse’.  .  No garbage collection Monday in Lexington.  Pick ups will be moved to Wednesday.