Ichthus Plans for Now and Later

Feb 20, 2012

Despite some initial doubt, organizers of the nation’s oldest contemporary Christian music festival are preparing for another show this summer.  Work continues on plans for this summer and for the future.  Officials have looked into selling the 111 acre farm property, but it hasn't panned out.  Finances still have Ichthus officials worried,so they're giving thought to the construction of additional facilities.  Then, C-E-O Mark Vermillion says they could open up the property so other events could be staged there.

“We’ve had an interest of different kinds of organizations and different kinds of ministry groups who have expressed an interest in using that ground and that facility if it were a little bit more developed,” said Vermillion.

Budget problems forced a reduction in paid staff and increased reliance on volunteers.  Ichthus C-E-O Mark Vermillion says those financial problems are fixed, for now, and, there’s no talk of this being their final music festival.

“We’re not just walking around from the standpoint of Ichthus surviving…we want Ichthus to thrive…and the plans we’re making for the future… it feels like a very entrepreneurial visionary organization that is thriving,” added Vermillion.

Vermillion says the festival’s financial security depends on ‘strong attendance’ figures this summer.  As news of the festival’s financial troubles has spread, he says it’s re-energized the Ichthus fans.  In recent years, attendance has slipped as the cost of staging the four-day event has increased.   This year’s Ichthus festival begins June 20th.