Ichthus Concert Venue for Sale

The oldest Christian music festival in the nation may not come back for a 43rd year. The Ichthus Festival draws tens of thousands of people to a large field in Wilmore, Kentucky, but the event is struggling financially. CEO Mark Vermillion says Ichthus can no longer rely on just ticket sales.

 "Now we're asking folks to be a part of the mission and ministry of Ichthus by giving and then we're also putting the land up for sale. The idea behind that is that we can take the money that we get from the proceeds of the land sale and put that back in to the ministry of Ichthus." 

Vermillion says the 100 acres that Ichthus bought in the mid-90's need to sell for around $900,000 to a million dollars. Ideally a church or group of investors would make the purchase then give or lease the land back to Ichthus. 

At the end of this year's festival in June, Vermillion told the audience that Ichthus needs more community support and donations. Event organizers have been collecting CD's and memorabilia from Christian music artists to sell during an online auction in August. 

No date has been set for next year's festival.