Ice Storm Warning in Effect Through Wednesday Morning

Feb 4, 2014


The first full week of February is bringing another dose of wintry weather.  Winter storm and ice storm warnings are posted for late this afternoon through tomorrow morning for sections of central and northern Kentucky. 

 Tony Edwards with the Jackson office of the National Weather Service says many areas will receive liquid precipitation.  “Most areas across eastern and central Kentucky will just have rain.  However, once you get along and north of mainly interstate 64, along and north of say Lexington up into northern Kentucky, that’s where the freezing rain will really become an issue,” said Edwards.

   Edwards says the ice storm warning, in effect this afternoon through Wednesday morning at seven a.m. includes the communities of Louisville, Frankfort, northern Lexington, and Covington.  He says a certain amount of ice accumulation qualifies as an ice storm.  “Around a quarter of an inch, you get anything above a quarter of an inch and that’s ice storm territory.  That’s when you start to get some power outages and problems of that nature,” added Edwards. Many section of the state, including parts of southeast Kentucky could see heavy rains in the next day or so.