I Wish I Could Just Throw Chairs At Stuff

Whenever I see a toddler throwing a tantrum — over a misplaced teddy bear, a diminished supply of animal crackers, or an accidentally demolished Lincoln Log structure — I envy them. They can just turn on the tears like a light bulb, thrash around on the ground, make high-pitched squealing noises and thus are met with hugs, kisses and the solution to their "crisis." I wish this was still a path I could pursue to get my way.

Apparently, there is another group that is allowed to get away with similar actions: celebrities.

Yesterday on "Good Morning America," singer Chris Brown was upset when anchor Robin Roberts was more interested in talking with him about his past relationship with Rihanna than about his new album, F.A.M.E. So, after his performance, he stormed back stage, trashed his dressing room and threw a chair out of the window. He left the "GMA" studios without a shirt on.

This whole ordeal is oddly reminiscent of things I've seen small children do in the grocery store over similarly minor issues. It's only been a year since he was arrested for doing unkind things to Rihanna's face, and less than a year since he faced felony charges for those actions, so naturally Roberts had to ask about it.

You have a new album. So what? We've clearly still gotta discuss that stuff that went down before. But instead, he gets to throw a fit and instead of pressing charges, ABC has invited him back on the show. Roberts said,

You saw me laughing during the interview because ...I thought he was joking about some things because of the easy relationship that we have, and I'm glad that we've extended an invitation, we'd love to have him back, and that he's seriously considering that.

So more publicity, and according to Apple, the new album was the most downloaded on iTunes.

I tried throwing a tantrum to get out of writing this post. Clearly that didn't work.

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