I-D Criminals on Line

Dec 8, 2011

Lexington police hope a web site coupled with a 25-dollar reward will help them catch financial criminals.  The division of police has signed up with a web site firm which posts pictures of suspects, victims, and witnesses.   Sergeant Jody Stowers hopes Lexington area citizens will peruse I-D-this-person-dot-com .

“They just have to put some information there about information about who the person is, who the suspect is..they can put information like where they are at…they also have a block where they can enter any additional information they want,” said Stowers.

The holiday season brings with it an increase in credit card thefts and other forgery related crimes.  By leaving an e-mail address, Stowers says web browsers are eligible for a 25-dollar reward.    He says their focus is on financial and property crimes.  Sergeant Jody Stowers says the web site features photos from all over the state.

“You may be from Louisville and decide to click on this web site..and you may know somebody who came to Lexington and committed a crime…maybe came to Lexington… to use a stolen credit card thinking that nobody could identify them in Lexington..well you log on and you’re from Lexington and you may recognize them,” added Stowers.

Stowers says the reward money comes from the web site firm, which sells advertising.  The web site again is I-D-this-person-dot-com.