I-75 Ramp Work Could Impact Area Businesses

Jun 18, 2013

Interstate ramp maintenance in Madison County could impact traffic and businesses along I-75 over the next week or so.  Crews are working to mill, resurface, and restripe ramps at three interstate exits.  Jack Wyatt has operated a gas station at one exit for 33 years.  He says most previous repair work hasn’t carried as big an impact.  “I mean they widen the roads out front, put a new bridge in, but they didn’t, it didn’t slow traffic down that much, cause they always had lanes of traffic they were working on, but they had other lanes of traffic that was open,” said Wyatt.  Kentucky Transportation Department Spokeswoman Natasha Lacy says ramps will not be shut down for extended periods of time.  She says the plan calls for three to four closures during each day of work.

“I don’t have a specific amount of time, once again that’s depending on the work that needs to be completed.  Usually striping work goes a little more quickly than resurfacing work or milling work, so it would be at different intervals of time that they are closed, depending upon what type of work that they are doing,” said Lacy.

The work is scheduled from nine a.m. until three each day.  Jack Wyatt wondered why the work couldn’t be done during a non peak period of the day.

“40 percent of our business comes up that ramp.  Why can’t they do it from nine in the morning, from nine at night to three in the morning instead of doing it from nine o clock in the morning until three in the afternoon,” added Wyatt.

Lacy says some maintenance work is simply not suited for overnight hours.

“Well, at times we do schedule work to be done overnight, but at this point, for this type of work, it needed to be done during the daytime and of course these are temporary closures. This won’t last anymore than two weeks and it’s something that will continue throughout the remainder of the summertime for the ramps on interstate 75,” explained Lacy.

The ramp work on the I-75 exit ramps in Madison County could extend into next week.  Lacy says signs will be in place to show alternate routes during times of closure.