Hyperactivity in Children Not Always Easy to Diagnose

Nov 18, 2013

Credit locator.apa.org

Hyperactivity in children is often not a straight forward diagnosis.  So says long time child psychologist Joe Edwards.  The Louisville counselor was recently honored by the Kentucky Psychological Association.  For those adolescents with properly diagnosed hyperactivity, Edwards says medicine alone is often not enough.

“Some of the times, people come in and they really don’t have it, so one is the appropriate diagnosis.  Second, regarding treatment, the reality is that medications can be very effective for these kids, but medication alone is rarely the answer,” said Edwards.

Edwards says outpatient therapy can be a key component of treatment for children undergoing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  The Louisville psychologist says unfortunately ‘bullying’ is a reality in most all schools.  Still, Joe Edwards admits there are some promising steps being taken to address the problem..

“The good news is that more systems are recognizing the effects of bullying and trying to put in safeguards to try to address it and prevent it and trying to give more support to those who are being victimized by it,” added Edwards.

Edwards says he sees children and adolescents who face a variety of issues including anxiety disorders and social phobias.  He was honored last week by the Kentucky Psychological Association during a meeting in Lexington.