Hurricane Relief Work by Lexington Firefighters Called Off, for Now

Aug 31, 2017


A group of 20 Lexington firefighters originally planning to help with hurricane and flood relief efforts in Texas has been told to hold on. 

The team did not head out for College Station Texas yesterday as planned. 

Fire Chief Kristin Chilton says a similar situation occurred with a group of firefighters 12 years ago.

“It happened back in 2005 with Katrina, originally they were going right into New Orleans. 

They were then put on standby and they ended up going back about two weeks later to help more with recovery efforts down in Tuscaloosa,” said Chilton.Chilton says team members were understandably disappointed in being called off for now, but adds they have a great attitude and understand the changing dynamics in Texas. 

The group of firefighters could still be called to help out at a later date.