Huntsman's NH Schedule Reminds Some Of McCain

May 19, 2011

At the risk of hurting Jon Huntsman's chances at the Republican presidential nomination (some conservatives are leery of him in part because of his growing mentions in the mainstream media), let me recommend a piece by NPR's Liz Halloran on his visit to New Hampshire.

Liz learned that Huntsman, who served in the Obama administration as U.S. ambassador to China and was also a popular Utah governor, appears to be following the script of another Republican whose views, like Huntsman, didn't always align with conservative orthodoxy.

She writes:

Granite State politicos analyzing the stops on Huntsman's five-day New Hampshire visit, the longest sustained campaign-style swing of any candidate this year, see a clear template.

Arlinghaus calls the schedule "very McCain-y," from the many former McCain people organizing it, to the towns and counties he's visiting, including a house party in Keene, in the Democratic stronghold of Cheshire County. That party will be hosted by Juliana Bergeron, who lost her race for state GOP chair this year to Tea Party activist Jack Kimball.

John DiStaso, senior political reporter for the Union Leader, in a column this week also invoked McCain in what he characterized as Huntsman's "aggressive" catch-up schedule in New Hampshire.

Huntsman delivers a commencement address Saturday at Southern New Hampshire University, and has other stops at locations that include a gun shop, a country store, a library, a VFW Post, and a café in Wolfeboro where he'll meet with members of the Winnipesaukee Republican Committee.

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