Hundreds Stage Gay Kiss-In Outside London Pub Accused Of Homophobia

Apr 15, 2011

A gay couple in London said they were thrown out of a London pub on Wednesday because they were kissing. Jonathan Williams tweeted about the incident and suddenly Williams and his date James Bull became, as the AP reports, a sensation. Their story — it was a "hands-on-the-table kiss" — was suddenly everywhere and even made it on the front page of The Guardian.

The John Snow pub had no comment about the controversy. But a Facebook group emerged in protest and planned to stage a "massive same-sex snogathon" in front of the pub.

The Guardian reports that this evening about 300 people — including the couple that started this — showed up. The pub had closed, but just after 7 p.m.:

[A] mass co-ordinated kissing took place in the street, to whoops of encouragement from a growing crowd. "It's still a victory," said Paul Shetler, a senior director at an IT firm. "They've wound up losing a night's takings because they couldn't have a bunch of men with tongues in each others' mouths."

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