Hundreds of Families Impacted by Family Care Center

May 13, 2014



Lexington's Family Care Center is celebrating its silver anniversary.  

In 25 years, the center has helped hundreds of single mothers and their children.

The Family Care Center is a place where mothers can pursue a better education while their children are taught and cared for.  It focuses on self-sufficiency and includes health care services.   Former Center director Jean Sabharwal says the long term impact of the program is significant.  "Those children who came here, their parents may have never totally become self-sufficient, but these children had such a wonderful pre school start, that they have gone on and done wonderful amazing things," said Sabharwal.

When she retired in 2008, Sabharwal says 600 women had achieved a high school education and over a hundred went on to attain associate degrees.  "Over the years, as I met individuals in the community, I mean some of them have gone on and are doing just really fabulous and it was an investment that needed to be made in our community and I think the investment has paid off," added Sabharwal.

She says former Lexington mayor Scotty Baesler urged those establishing the family care center to quote- "dream big" and to involve all community partners.