House Minority Floor Leader Sees Regular Legislative Session as Option for Pension Reforms

Oct 31, 2017


The leader of the democratic minority in Kentucky’s House of Representatives is not convinced a special legislative session is the best way to go in working to solve public pension problems.  

Rocky Adkins offered his thoughts following an event Monday at the Scott County Toyota Plant. 

Adkins, who’s served in the legislature since 1987, believes there’s enough concern about proposed changes, to consider waiting until the regular session in 2018. “I would continue to caution the governor that, if he does not have the votes, if there’s not a compromise on the bill, to not call the session and wait til January,” said Adkins.

Adkins says he would prefer to keep the current public pension system and as he puts it, “fund it.” 

The Sandy Hock representative says closing tax loopholes and eliminating some exemptions would produce enough money to meet state pension obligations.