Hours of Door-to-Door Salemen and Women Limited by Lexington Proposal

Jul 10, 2013

For the first time in recent memory, time restrictions may be placed on door-to-door sales in Lexington.  Council Member Peggy Henson says the original proposal banned door-to-door sales between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am.

Credit Elvert Barnes / Flickr, Creative Commons

“Council Member Lawless brought up the fact that she felt like nine pm was too late for someone to come knocking on your door trying to sell something.  So, we just did a friendly amendment and changed it to eight pm,” said Henson.

However, Council Member Ed Lane objects to set hours…he says a free market would resolve any issue.

“It depends upon the time of the year.  You know, it may be dark at six in the winter, but high noon almost at 9:30 during the summer months.  So, I think this is something that government doesn’t need to regulate as to what hours you do business,” said Lane.

Peggy Henson says the proposed ordinance comes after two years of study by a city task force.   Henson has seen food vendors, art peddlers and yard sales set up near residential areas.

“The two major thinks that I wanted to see happen were close proximity to a residential property, that they would not be allowed within a hundred feet and hours of operation,” added Henson.

As proposed, such vendors must shut down by eleven p-m.  The Council is expected to take up the issue later this summer.