'Hope Wall' to Highlight Drug Recovery

Aug 15, 2013

Credit odcp.ky.gov

Two new drug awareness and education initiatives will be unveiled Friday in southeast Kentucky.  The public ceremony at Eastern Kentucky University’s Manchester campus recognizes a new ‘Hope Wall’ and a mobile drug education classroom.  Both are projects spearheaded by ‘Unite,’ an organization known for drug investigations, treatment, and education.

  Treatment Director Amy Yates says the movable ‘Hope Wall’ will honor 150 individuals who have been recovering from an addiction for at least a year.

“We hear lots of stories about individuals who we’ve lost to drugs and, you know, we know that happens, but we forget about the individuals who overcome drug abuse, who overcome this horrible addiction and are able to survive,” said Yates.

Also Friday, Unite’s ‘On the Move’ education trailer will be on display.  Education Director Debbie Trusty says something called ‘fatal reflections’ is a part of the interactive drug prevention program.

“It’s a computer program that simulates what they would look like, if they were injured in a car accident or their face went through the windshield and these sorts of things.  It takes their own image and puts these on it,” said Trusty.

The mobile drug prevention classroom will first visit schools in Pike and Rockcastle counties.  The ‘Hope Wall’ will also make stops in a number of Kentucky communities in the coming months.