Homelessness in Kentucky on Eastern Standard

Feb 21, 2017

Kentucky’s Supreme Court struck down Lexington’s panhandling ordinance last week, saying the ban violated free speech. While the homeless in Lexington can now panhandle without fear of prosecution, there are other issues of concern related to basic subsistence.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, homelessness in the Commonwealth.


Guests on this week's program include:


On this week's Eastern Standard: we revisit the topic of homelessness after the recent ruling in the Kentucky Supreme court over the Lexington Panhandling Ordinance.
Credit Kentucky.com, EST

Charlie Lanter, Director of the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention for Fayette County.

Ginny Ramsey Director of Catholic Action Center and Community Inn .

Falon Curtis: Associate Director Arbor Youth Services in Lexington.

...As well as a personal story from a homeless youth.


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